Friday, March 9, 2012

Brenda Chapman Storyboard Assignment

So a few weeks ago we had classes with Brenda Chapman, which was pretty awesome, but even more awesome was doing the storyboard assignment she gave us and having her look at it, make notes and suggestions and even scribble over some of it. 

From the assignment:

"Please storyboard a scene using the 11 lines of dialogue you have been given. The character names are purposefully ambiguous so that you may choose the sex of your characters… or not.
Other than the dialogue, there are no limitations. You are your own director."

I ended up doing something along the lines of "Top Gun with wizards". Storyboard (revised according to Brenda's notes) after the jump:

CHRIS: Hello...

PAT: I didn't come here...

PAT: see you...

PAT: ...if that's what you're thinking.


PAT: Nice day...

PAT: ...isn't it?

CHRIS: I guess...


PAT: Look.

CHRIS: Did you...?

PAT: Me? No.

CHRIS: Well, I guess I'd better go.

PAT: Oh. See you tomorrow?

CHRIS: Maybe.


  1. That's fantastic. You and your unbelievable talent. Great work. I really enjoyed their expressions 'U')/

  2. Excellent work really great! Nice drawing too

  3. Quite. Awesome.Thank-You.Very.Much.

  4. Wow this is excellent work!! Lovely boards, love the action and the continuity! :)