Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some guy

He might turn up in a film. Maybe.


  1. These are pretty and so is stephen!

  2. Btw, Steviepants, profanimation is Laura (can't work the yoke)......your sis is bang on about the eyebrows!!!Thats where the life is.....make him alive from the inside out...(you are superdeadly at grasping a style (kinda 50's here), and then concentrating on visually perfecting that...I say, work on the inside of the character, and the outside will perfect itself in a UNIQUE way (trust your skills....until you do, you will never be authentic/original.....i speak from BITTER and PAINFUL experience...)all sorts of overcoming of ego to be done to get that shizzle going, cos no one (inc you) can see the results immediately!(In fact, sometimes/usually it means leaving impressive stuff behind for ? and what then!!!!!!But its the path from being good at whats already been invented, to great at what hasn't......its ALL in the ACTING!!!!!!(I agree w Eimhin re the line comment above maybe, but thats by the by!)Sheesh, sorry,Its lovely, really lovely drawing S......just maybe push the character from the inside is all!!!!LOVE YOUUUUUUU xxxxx

  3. You wasn't joking was you Stevie D.